Blue Ivey

My names Blue Ivey, i like writing lyrics and poems. I love sports, but most of all music. Im into "deep" stuff if you will

Autumn Blue's: The Bigger Picture


(bold: Blue Ivey; Italics: Autumn Echo)

The Bigger Picture

A Collaboration

In my life, it seems that people come and go like seasons.
But I believe that in the end, they’ve come and gone for reasons…

Good or bad I know the ways
that people go through…

What's The Big Idea?: How Dare You Leave?


I’ll never let you go

I’ll never let you leave

It’s way too early in the morning for my love to fall asleep

So just open your eyes, just open your eyes, please…

Yesterday, you and I walked through the park

like we do every Sunday when we take the car.

We’re still young enough to have really…

Read this original poem By Autumn Echo.

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Autumn Blue's: The eye of the beholder.


When i look at her..
i have to stare.
Because somthing of which
i dont think she’s aware.
Her smile, her nose,
her skin and hair
Theres something missing
i cant find it there.
Those lips, those eyes, her whole reflection.
i cannot find an imperfection.
In her favorite dress
or no make up and…

 Me and Autumn’s first collaborative poem.

Why i do what i do..

This pain, this hurt, this sadness.
this loneliness.
This depression is madness.
This feeling of no hope, makes it hard to cope.
It’s all to familiar, this feeling i feel here.
This pain is a stain on my heart and my brain.
I dream of escape but awaken the same.
Hopeless reality drives me insane.
Emotions grow cold, anticipations fold.
losing grip of myself, trying to get a hold.
Sad how dreams of once breaking the mold, are reduced to just trying to escape with your soul.
I think and i think, im temtped to pray.
I’ve let him down so much i dont know what to say.                                        I could ask for forgivness and say its the last time.
But last time was the last time.
Guilt is clouding my mind.
This cycle of being happy and then being sad.
tosses me unmercifully, driving me mad.
So as you look at me and question why i do what i do.
I feel you should know.
That i do to.

I’ve got one rhyme for your love,
and another one for your beauty.
Im deep rooted in your life you can bet your life they cannot uproot me!
My life was dark and cold. Depressing, damp, and windy.
But you came into my life… and now the sun shines from within me!
Cuz im basking in your love, and i never wanna leave it.
See this smile on my face? you are the happiness beneath it!
I am so high off the ground, since ive met you i havent landed.
And the only thing that i will not do is take your love for granted.
So put your hand in mine, let your fingers intertwine.
And we’ll fight this fight together til the world is yours and mine!
We’ll take on all the evil, and we’ll lead the deaf and blind.
Cuz you’ve showed me that theres nothing strong as love that is divine.


A ray of sun on a warm sunny day,
The embrace of The cool ocean spray
A sunset in the middle of june
Romantic light provided by a clear full moon
Man is sinful
Nature is perfect
Earth gives life
You make it worth it
Nature is perfect but i already told you
But thats why only it can help me describe you
Baby i love you
Baby i need you
Ill be there like the ground thats beneath you
Your a breath of fresh air baby i breath you
Your a flower
Your a butterfly
I dont deserve you but i kno theres not another guy
Who can love you
Like i love you
Your my blood my heart cant beat without you
Im not obsessed
Your just impressed
On every one of my brain cells an no less
I will give you my all an baby no less
No drugs cuz you melt away my stress
You have the grace of a gazelle in its prime
And the power of the hunter baby girl thats a lion
You are the roots that give a plant life
An the beatiful flower that see’s the light
U gave me hope now i see the light
So baby i make an oath to always treat you right


Oh music how i love you
I see nothing above you
Its crazy how i need you
I wish that i could breath you
You get me thru the rough times
And ur there in the good times
Ur a beautiful melody
U are a witty rhyme
I give you all my time
If u wer a woman i’d make sure ur mine
You match my every mood
I choose you over food
You made me who i am
Yet i make you all the time
You nurish my soul
You lift my spirit
I can even travel time when i hear it
You are my forever
You are my now
You are my sky
You are my ground
Your my sanity
My profanity
I consider you a part of my family
Your the blood that flows thru my veins
Ur my smile ur my stress ur my pain
I wish i could hug u right now
I am a philosopher and u are my tao
In my next life i hope i become you
When I’m scared your the door that i run through.
Its a cold world
You warm me up
Its getting dark now
Ur light shines down
Ur are my circle
I keep u around
Keep my chin up
Frown upside down
Yes I’m head over heals
I am just a car and u are my wheels
Its hard to describe you
There Nothing else like you
But i tell u what i will do
Stay true, blue.